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Reading: Cannabis - current trends and methods of bioavailability


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Cannabis - current trends and methods of bioavailability


Sarah Alexis Gritis

University of St Andrews School of Medicine, GB
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There is a growing global trend towards the decriminalisation of cannabis use.  Several countries have already legalised this drug for medicinal and recreational use, and more are expected to continue this trend in the future.  Inhalation and ingestion of cannabis are the two basic methods of consumption, and each provides unique bioavailability mechanisms. Anticipating the increasing social and legal acceptance of cannabis, this article provides a basic understanding of the geographic acceptance, methods of use, bioavailability of active ingredients, and mechanisms of absorption in the human body. 


The growing acceptance of cannabis increases the probability that current medical students will encounter patients using cannabis in some form. This is a significant trend especially considering the psychoactive effects of the drug and the medicinal benefits. Having a basic knowledge of the methods of consumption and the longevity of cannabinoid compounds in the human body will help students and practicing physicians better diagnose patients and implement optimum wellness plans.

Take Home Message

As societies and lawmakers increasingly accept the use of cannabis, it’s important that medical professionals have a basic knowledge of the various delivery methods and the impact of cannabinoid compounds in the human body. Patient care can be enhanced through a better understanding of how the drug is used and how it affects the human body. This educational piece provides a step in that direction.

How to Cite: Gritis SA. Cannabis - current trends and methods of bioavailability. The British Student Doctor Journal. 2018;2(2):24–6. DOI:
Published on 30 Jun 2018.
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