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Editorial: The ethics of publishing


James Michael Kilgour ,

Cardiff University School of Medicine, GB
About James
James is a member of Cardiff University School of Medicine Class of 2017. He graduated with first class honors from Cardiff University (UK) with a BSc in Medical Education. He has extensively published in the field of medical education, including research involving written knowledge assessments and small-group learning. He is also a peer-reviewer for several leading journals, including Medical Education, Advances in Health Sciences Education and BMC Medical Education. His other passions include languages, travel, reading, teaching and dermatology.
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Shivali Fulchand

Cardiff University School of Medicine, GB
About Shivali

Shivali is a member of the Cardiff University School of Medicine, Class of 2017, and previously graduated with a First Class Honours from Cardiff University with a BSc in Medical Genetics.

She has published work in the 'British Journal of Dermatology', 'The Clinical Teacher' and the 'Medical Teacher'.

Shivali has an interest in Leadership and Management and is the current Cardiff University Representative for the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.

She also has an interest in Dermatology and is currently serving as the President of the Cardiff University Dermatology Society.

She is passionate about the improvement of Global Health and has participated in voluntary healthcare education programmes in Kenya and India. She is currently working to develop a faith-based International Voluntary Programme, to meet the 2030 UN Sustainable Development goals.

In her spare time, she practices meditation and facilitates sessions on Eastern philosophy, its modern day applications and lifestyle management. She also enjoys playing the guitar and travelling.

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Welcome to the second issue of The British Student Doctor. In this editorial, the Co-Editors-in-Chief of the journal outline the content of this issue and highlight the importance of publication ethics in the editorial and scientific process.
How to Cite: Kilgour JM, Fulchand S. Editorial: The ethics of publishing. The British Student Doctor Journal. 2017;1(2):1–2. DOI:
Published on 29 Jun 2017.
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